Driven To Sex, novel

While I was editing my first novel, in 2004-5, I took up the rather unusual job of driving ladies of the night for a Perth escort agency. I never started driving with the intention of writing a book about it, but very quickly I knew it was inevitable. Some of the situations I found myself in, as well as the girls I drove, not to mention some of the stories they returned to the car with were just too bizarre for words.
Or so I thought.

Importantly, I was absorbed into the lives of these women who by either luck or design were making a living selling their bodies. It was confronting initially, and I didn't meet many girls who I'd say were ideally suited to it. It's an unhealthy occupation for most of the girls most of the time, even just spiritually, let alone the ancillaries like drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. But the dishonesty which pervades and surrounds the business really pissed me off after a while. It was naughty and kind of funny at the beginning, but not for long.

In a modern world, which is supposedly sophisticated and amazing, we humans with these massive mammal brains, which are capable of the most incredible feats of science and philosophy, struggle with the moral issue of humans having a sex drive. I mean, it's how each of us arrives here in the first place.

Many of the hookers I got to meet represented a wonderful, sensual, smart and funny bunch of women who cop a seriously bad rap from the public at large. I don't think that is fair at all, especially when all the prostitution game is doing is meeting a demand driven by men. Perhaps money really is the root of all evil, I'm not sure, but dishonesty certainly is, and it seems to me that if the people of the planet can relax and just be OPEN about what they want and need, a whole of misconceptions would be broken down.

The hardcopy has sold out but will soon rise again via POD (print on demand).

The book is set in Perth, Western Australia, but having driven for a bit over a year, I can guarantee these kinds of stories and relationships happen all over the world every night, in every major town and city across the planet. Perth has a population of less than 2 million people, and I'm staggered at the stories cities like London, Tokyo, New York, Delhi, Rio and Mexico City might provide.

In the end, it's a very human love story.......

Kindle eBook available here, but it's available on all devices.

The novel actually began life an an instructional manual to actually driving girls for a Perth escort agency. It was cryptically titled,


It involved about 60 lesson (or chapters) devoted to a particular topic and the whole thing was aimed at explaining what kind of things would happen to you if you decided to drive hookers for a living.

For the record, they were some of the nicest, funniest and sexiest women I've ever met. Not alway, of course, but great people exist everywhere in every job.

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