Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Days of Hock, blog No 1

(while I'm writing this, at the library(my internect connection has gone to shit today) a tall girl 5 metres away is quielty sneezing, and almost stuffing her face into a row of books to secretly hide her embarrassment.....)

Anyway, I'm Hock. One of the reasons I'm here is to help remind any and everyone who reads this is that we attract every person and event in our lives. Occasionally I will have a question and I will tap into the Universe's answer by using the next song line I happening to be listeining to at the time. The results are amazing.

eg. the next ipod line is, "radiation, feel the force, a bombing horse..." which nicely describes the entire process of 'song lyric divination'.

But I digress. Dreams are a huge part of my life, and aside from various moments of social, philosophical, comical and spiritual comment, i will occasionally tell you of a dream that explained this that and the other.

I had the following dream about six years ago. No idea why. I've always called it ........


I'm at a gathering of super-powered and very gifted people.
In the great hall there is an audience of peers and the respective displays of each are performed at one end.

One guy was due to be last, apparently he was the talisman - the gifted one - to whom each of us could only wonder about. I didn’t know what he did, no one did, but in the meantime each person did their thing.

In the meantime there was one guy who could somehow transform the air around him so’s to make it look like opaque leggo blocks. There were many others…..a bunch of gorgeous naked women beckoned me into their shower in the middle of all of this.

Back out in the warehouse thing, it was my turn to show my wares and I felt rather silly because all I could do was throw a baseball as far as I liked. At my bequest, the back of the building suddenly slid open and there was a field about 1km in length. At the far end of the paddock was a tall piece of wrought iron. It was brown in colour and a good 40 or 50 metres high.
‘ok’, I said, to the sitting audience. 'I'm going to throw the ball and hit it.’

I turned to face my target. I wound up and I threw the ball with all my might and while the ball made it nearly all the way- a good 5 or 6 hundred metres- its travel through the air wasn’t that quick. Truth be known, the ball grew so small that all I could do was listen for the noise of it hitting the wall, which I definitely heard. Just.

Sadly, the crowd was non-plussed. As was I, to be honest.
Then, as I walked back to my seat, there came the talisman who’d seen enough. He looked at me as I passed him and I don’t think he even acknowledged me.
What ever he was about to do was putting a expectant hush of impending greatness through the crowd.
‘What can he possible do that was so amazing?’ I thought to myself, as intrigued as anyone.

Then it began.

He got to the front of the crowd, turned to face us, and he began to spin like a dancer. Immediately a visual whirlwind formed around him. He spun and spun, moving so fast that I couldn’t even really see him. Suddenly, all that I saw around me began to alter - the people, the warehouse, everything. Shortly all of it dropped away and all I could see, as he spun and whirled in his own mini tornado, was the universe.

I could see the stars and the planets as surely as if I was hovering in space. My body didnt exist. Earth was gone. And he’d created it.
It was a miracle.

He’d created the universe.

He was the talisman.

The End.

Anyway, we'll talk! I'll talk about my app (Name Guru) next time. And a quick video about Jake.....