Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why are we here?

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Found the following poem/essay/commentary in an old file from 2001......

The Modern World.

Health insurance
Car insurance
House insurance
Boat insurance
Investment portfolios
Maximum output
Maximum time utilisation
Personal assessment
Economic rationalisation
Best mobile phone deal
Best diet
Low fat mobile phone
High returns
No time wasting
The right d├ęcor
The right garden
The right pet
The right way to behave
The right way to order a meal
The right way to drive
The right way to think
The right way to have sex
The right way to urinate
The right milk
The right deodorant
The right shampoo
The right look
The right supermarket
The right workout
Personal goals
Career aspirations
Good foundations
Disenfranchised breakfast cereal
Money money money
Quick quick quick
No wasted opportunity
The right holiday
Hurry; got it; smile for the camera and clench buttocks- CLICK, yes!!

Welcome to the west.

The end.