Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Greetings sportsfans,

Late Ocotber 2011 and welcome to another week from the Eumundi markets, with the news that 'Why shouldn't I call my son Clint?' is approaching sales of 6000 copies in Australia. True, Bryce Courtney and that Harry Potter chick aren't in danger of being overtaken just yet, but I would attest that 'Clint' has elicited more guttural laughter. Probably ruffled a few more feathers too, but that's another story.

Col' and China, pictured below, loved it. Col on the bottom, kind of shook his head at his description though.....

Col: The tall and slightly out of shape middle-aged bouncer, who works at the pub every Sunday afternoon. He'll kick people out if he has to, and he can handle himself, but overall all he wants to do is see that the young kiddies have a good time without hurting either themselves or anyone else. His home life is actually very sedate.

Col read his name theory and looked down at his own arms (evidently chiselled from marble) in surprise, but tall. The pic doesnt do him justice but he's at least 6 and a half feet tall. I shook his hand and, in the words of Jack Black, it was like grabbing a bunch of bananas. China will make the list next edition....

Now, what about this bloke, pictured left? What name would you give this creature, do you reckon? I guessed at Richard, James, perhaps even a Tristan, but no....

Jimmy: Like any decent crap you're trying to have, Jimmy is bare-boned, rude, proud, occasionally very funny and generally wonderful to experience. (Just be careful of the cleanup.)

And even though his spelling was Jimmi. ie- Jimmi Hendrix. So i'll deal with 'Jimmi' in the next edition. He was Irish - funny guy. Thankyou Jimmy....

What about this bloke on the right?....

Any ideas?.......

He's the first specimen of this name I've ever actually met, anywhere in the world, apart from a dude in Livorno, Italy, who I met years ago....

Guido: Guido is one twisted mother f--cker.

He looked more like a Reginald to me, perhaps an Edward. Anyway, there you go.

Now, last but not least, this dude was walking passed the 'Why shouldn't I call my son Clint?' stall and I yelled at him to stop and say g'day. Seldom do you see a person with such style.

Rohan: Patient and contained, Rohan is the sort of bloke who makes an excellent professional photographer.

..yeah, not sure I got it exactly right on this occasion Rohan. Perhaps is the book and the Name Guru app suggested that you belonged in front of the camera, I might have been more accurate?

Anyway, such is life, here on Planet Earth.

Just a reminder that the full list is now an app for iphone/Android devices, and comes with a romantic compatability function. (

Books can be got from me at

As of next week the first modern Shark ghost story will begin its serialization, here at daysofhock. The original title was 'The Arc of Tommy Shoalhaven'. It will be hereby be known as, "The shark that ate Tommy Shoalhaven."

I'll see you on the water.



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