Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Greetings sportsfans,

It's official! The Android version of the Name Guru app is out!!!!!

I'm not sure, but I think the first person to purchase it on Planet Earth, as far as I know, was the girl pictured below - Gemma, from Brisbane.

Evidently her 'name theory' was spot on the money.....

Gemma: Usually physically gorgeous, Gemma is deceptively ambitious and will use her sexy smile to help her anyway she sees fit. Life is a game for her and she therefore devotes as much time as possible to having as much fun as possible. She is a loud drunk.

Something else that was wierd in the last two days of the Eumundi markets, where 'Why shouldn't I call my son Clint?' is loving the holidays, were two Robyns. Both with a 'y' and not the 'i'. What does this all mean? Buggered if I know. But my description of 'Robin' ( puts her on a farm in Poland, where she grows potatoes when the soil isn't frozen.

What a load of shit? Look at these two eccentric goddesses who arrived three days apart....

Robyn and Robyn.....

I haven't met a Robyn for yonks, yet look at these two.....both with flaming red hair and fire in their hearts. Coincidence? Bullshit!

Ryan and Karen pictured below who (the affable tradie' that parties so hard on the weekend he sometimes does himself damage) and Karen (in a world of death, famine, war, drought, disease, suicide, mortgage payments and stubbed toes, Karen is a welcome relief because she is Ultra-Double Normal.) arrived at the stall for "Why shouldn't I call my son Clint?"

Yes, Ryan is a tradie', but better than that, each of them has a brother called Clint.

Last but not least, I wanted to mention the girl standing next to me, below. Her name is Harlene Hercules. No, Harlene doesnt yet exist in the Name Guru app, but she will, by god. No idea what the universe will tell me about her, although I have a sneaking suspicion it will be something to do with being as mad as a cut snake yet completely lovely. most of us, no doubt.

Good luck with life and the app!!!

love hock

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  1. Ahoy!David!Loved the analysis.I will await for the day my name is part of your book...don't we all?